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Client Services

Harbourne Associates deliver synergy between talent and brands, with a truly twenty-first century recruitment solution.

Why are we the right partner for your next vacancy?

The Golden Rule

We treat every vacancy as if it was our own. We are proud to become a key ingredient for our Clients success, finding the best solutions for talent and brands to thrive.

Specialists not Generalists

Our structural foundations are rooted in knowledge and two decades worth of experience, with each industry specific team branching across account management to delivery, so you will always have specialist support....

One size does not fit all

In an ever-evolving landscape, we openly develop tailored ways of working to suit varying needs. Frequently, we recommend and initiate entirely new recruitment programs, keeping our Clients at the forefront of market competition.

Time is of the essence

We understand just how costly and counter-productive long-term unfilled vacancies can be, so our rapid results are designed to minimise disruption. As a recruitment partner, we pledge to submit a maximum of 4 relevant and noteworthy C.Vs in 10 working days, so performance remains the priority.

Embrace change and promote innovation

We empower our team to be intrapreneurs, improving our daily ways of working, but we also significantly invest in a fresh approach to recruitment. We embrace the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms, alongside our state-of-the-art CRM system (our on-going bible of high-performing professionals), to ensure we have access to the best talent in the industry.

Hallmarks of success

Proudly, 95% of our Client base are long-standing partners, their trust bound by experiencing that over 90% of the roles we manage, are filled with successful, high-performing candidates that flourish.

Our customer-focused 10-day process

1. Absorbing

A senior associate delves into our clients world; ensuring we understand everything, from specific candidate requirements to the wider business needs and culture.

2. Formality

An approved, expertly crafted, job description is formalised.

3. Hunting

We scour through our internal and external channels to compile 100 to 150 relavant CVs (see candidate acquisition for details)

4. Weeding

A good candidate is more than a relevant C.V, so via 1:1 telephone interviews, the talent pool is reduced to 20-30 appropriate candidates.

5. Introduction

Candidates are immersed into the potential brands, their culture and requirements.

6. Quality

By a senior associate, candidates will undergo an in-depth, competency-based interview with results recorded.

7. Cross check

The most relevant candidates will have their previous targets and results examined.

8. Updating

The most suited 3-4 candidates will be discussed with our client for approval.

9. Submission

With references checked, final candidate packs will be submitted ready for interview.

Our candidate acquisition program

Added value services

1. Psychometric testing

Advice from our qualified organisational psychologist on candidate selection, using techniques to understand how individuals might behave, what makes them tick, and what sort of person they are.

2. Team behaviours

Assistance and support to help businesses and teams to understand their own internal psychology and maximise team members skills and expertise. This backs up or reinforces the development of person specifications for any new appointment, optimising team effectiveness.

3. Coaching

To help individuals realise their own skills, and put them into action, while filling in any gaps that may exist.

4. Mentoring

Updating skills, policy and strategy development, business and career planning.

5. Business development

Workshops to help get the most from a team and to help the business to set its course, develop growth plans and understand the challenges which need to be addressed before it can achieve its objectives.

6. Presentation techniques

We offer one-to-one or group-based coaching on presentation techniques, including how technology can improve or hinder a pitch.

Join the employers who come to us first whenever a vacancy arises, and look forward to a professional, exclusive service guaranteeing all-round satisfaction and success.

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