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Proudly Supporting A Sustainable Future

Proudly supporting a sustainable future

Harbourne Associates, in conjunction with the Africa Trust and AquAid, has installed a water pump in Manicaland, a province in the north eastern highlands in Zimbabwe. Elephant Pumps are a simple way of providing a safe water source to villagers in remote areas using local materials and expertise.  Having a pump eliminates many diseases (e.g. dysentery) by providing clean drinking water for decades to a community who currently need to walk miles to collect water in buckets or containers for their consumption.  As they are involved in building the pumps, should problems occur in the future, they have the knowledge and ability to undertake any repairs required. This is a sustainable way to improve the lives of adults and children in the poorest of circumstances and Harbourne Associates are proud to have played a part in changing lives and to provide a better future for those involved.
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